Megaways Slots

When it comes to slot machines, we are talking about classic machines, video machines, 3D machines and much more. These machines usually have a certain number of paylines and a certain number of reels. To win, you must, at least in most cases, achieve a certain number of symbols on the same payline. When Big Time Gaming came out with its very first Megaways slot machine, this was the end of it.

Megaways slot machine – a definition

It is always interesting with new varieties of slot machines . What’s so exciting about a Megaways slot machine is that you never know how many ways your spin can win. Each of the machine’s reels can have somewhere between 2 and 8 symbols, and this can thus expand to give you several thousand possible winning combinations. Here are some other points that are special to a Megaways slot machine:

  • The number of paylines changes from spin to spin
  • The slot machine has a varying number of reels with varying numbers of symbols
  • High volatility
  • Free spins, wild and scatter symbols as well as multipliers are often offered
  • Some slot machines allow you to buy the number of bonus symbols you need

How many ways you can win, ie the number of Megaways, will depend on two elements. One element is how many reels the slot machine is equipped with and the other element is how many symbols are associated with each of the reels. This can quickly give you over 100,000 ways to win .

To find out how many ways you can win in a Megaways slot machine, multiply the number of symbols on reel 1 by the number of symbols on reel 2, and so on until there are no more reels or symbols left.

This again means that if you have the luck on your side, and you should have it once in a while, then you can bring home very big wins. Now more and more of the best online casinos are offering slot machines with just the Megaways feature!

Progressive jackpot slots versus a Megaways slot machine

There are many who compare a Megaways slot machine with progressive jackpot machines . This is an obvious comparison, but there is still a significant difference. A progressive jackpot machine has a prize pool that grows all the time, and as long as no one wins it, it can reach huge sums. In other words, there is no limit to how big the prize can be.

A Megaways slot machine, on the other hand, will have a cap on how much you can win. You can usually win a certain number of coins or a certain number of times your own bet. Although these can be huge sums, there is still a cap on the winnings. What makes this form of slot machine so popular is the combination of a huge winning potential along with fun features and free spins .

Some recent thoughts on Megaway’s slot machines

There is little doubt that Megaways slot machines have become a big hit. There are more and more variants on the market, and also from several developers who make sure to get the license. It is perhaps no wonder that this mechanic has become popular. It offers something new, and several of the slot machines have fun features that keep you on your toes while you spin. Here it is possible with free spins, multipliers and a number of other special features. You will find slot machines with Megaway’s features at most online casinos that we recommend on our pages. For example, you will find a large selection of games at casinos such as Rizk , Winota Casino , Casumo and Videoslots! Which players manage to say no to hundreds of thousands of ways to win?


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