Online Poker Guide

If you prefer a quieter setting without much noise and distraction, which is guaranteed at a brick-and-mortar casino, we recommend online poker. It is just as much fun, maybe even more, than a “real” casino. Because you can do this at an online casino in your own familiar environment, you can concentrate better on the game.

Playing online poker also guarantees that you can easily switch between multiple poker tables, and the various poker variations, without leaving your seat. You could even discover a variation of the poker game that you didn’t know before. In addition to the different variations of online poker, there are also many different formats.
There are real money poker games where you win or lose all money instantly with every hand dealt, and then there are the tournaments where each player has chips with a cash value. Then there has recently been a new variant, the speed poker variant. As the name implies, speed poker is played much faster than traditional poker games.

Poker games can also be divided into variations by betting limits. These limits indicate how much you, the player, can bet per round and hand. These limits will affect the different strategies of the poker player. The most common limits that the poker player will encounter are “no limit”, and “fixed limit”. In addition, it is possible that you may encounter other limits.

The gamble limits

To go deeper into these betting limits, these limits indicate how much the player can bet or raise in relation to the odds when playing with money. When playing in tournaments the limit is called a “blind level”. It is very important that you know what limits you are dealing with in the game you are playing, as these can affect your strategy. The various limits you may be dealing with are “fixed limit,” “no limit,” “cap limit,” “pot limit,” and “spread limit.”

In a “fixed limit” game, everything is predetermined in terms of betting limits. In no limit poker, which is the most popular poker game, players can bet anything they want as there are no limits. In pot limit poker, limit and no limit poker there are different betting limits which are all fixed. But exactly how much this is depends a lot on the pot. In cap limit poker there is no limit to the total amount you bet, but there is a capped structure, a fixed amount, which when the pot reaches it, each one is considered all in, even if the hand has yet to be dealt .
Speed ​​limit poker, is a fixed limit poker, but there is a spread ratio between which you must bet and raise.

It can certainly help to play some variations of the game to understand exactly how they all work together. Getting to know the game. Of course, this does not mean that you should just lose a lot of money before you know how the game works. When you have received a registration or first deposit bonus, it is ideal to try out here.

Money games vs chips tournaments

When playing poker you will find that the general rules of the game are the same everywhere no matter what version you play. But choosing between playing with chips or real money in tournaments will determine how you win or lose your money. At tournaments there is a chance to win a lot more money, but the stakes are also much higher.

In a cash game, you buy yourself in by buying a portion of the pot. The winner of the round wins the amount in the pot. In this game of poker, you can leave the game at any time and take your bet with you. There is no risk of losing your money simply because you left. When you lose, you can easily buy yourself back into the pot and play again.

When you participate in a tournament, you buy a number of chips (fishes) as entry money to enter. All players have the same number of chips. The winner of each round wins the number of chips in the pot. When you run out of chips, you can no longer play. Everyone keeps playing until there is only one player left who has chips, who is then the winner.

There are various types of tournaments, all of which can have different rules. There are variations with names such as Omaha, Stud, HORSE, Razz, and other poker variations. As a tournament game it is possible to be a no limit variant. The odds can vary enormously from game to game. For example, there are online poker games which have stakes from cents to hundreds of euros. Before playing, read the rules of the poker room where you want to play, and be prepared for the game. Again, this is the perfect opportunity to spend your bonus money to do this.

Different poker games

Playing poker is an incredible amount of fun in all its forms. Knowing the difference between the various poker games is crucial for you to determine what you want to play. You may be the type of player who wants to try out every game, so we list all the different types of poker below.


Speed ​​poker is a new variation among the poker games that has not been offered in online casinos for very long. It is played with the games Omaha or Texas Hold’em and can be played in cash or tournament form. The rules are the same as in normal poker except the speed of the game is much faster than your traditional Omaha or Texas Hold’em poker game.

When you “fold” your dealt cards in your hand, ie stop, you are automatically dealt a new hand. This is done expressly because players are not tied to a table. Regular players tend to switch between tables. It all sounds more difficult than it is, and it is guaranteed to be a really fun way to experience the poker game.


Texas Hold’em has definitely won the title of the most fun poker game. It is the most visited variant of the game of poker on any poker site. It is a game of free choice, especially in the world of live tournaments. You could be sure that most players in this game bet high, especially when they understand the rules and difficulty of the game. You will find many professional players in this game of poker because it is simply very attractive to win. Provided you have mastered the rules and strategies, you can play a challenging variant of poker in Texas Hold’em.


Omaha is similar to Texas Hold’em in many ways. It is therefore the second on the list of most visited poker games online and even in all brick and mortar casinos. It is attractive to players who like a high level of action. In this game there are two variations namely Omaha Hi-Lo and Omaha High. When getting into this variation of poker, it is essential to fully master the rules and play of Omaha High before moving on to Hi-Lo. This is because high is the “simple” version of the game. They share the same layout of the game, but in the high-low mode, the pot is divided among players depending on their result in cards. This is divided into the best “low hand” and the best “high hand”. At Omaha high, this pot is paid out to a winner.


Razz is not as well known as the variations of poker mentioned above, and therefore not as popular. That said, it’s a really fun game. This variant only plays in low. The players each receive 7 cards, but only the players who have 5 cards which have the best 5 cards to make a low are entitled to win. An ace is always low, so 1. This is very different from the other variations. Once you get the hang of it, this can be a great fun game of poker. To play this game takes a lot of patience as you need to get a good starting hand. If you can start with a 2-3 hand you will have to play quite aggressively as this is the best hand to start with.


Before Texas Hold’em topped the list, seven card stud was the most played poker game online. This variant was the most played poker game in the world. It is still an extremely popular game because the players have much more information in advance for the course of the game than any other form of poker. This means that the chance of winning is much more determined by technique rather than chance.
At the start of the game, each player is dealt 2 cards and an open card. The lowest card may then start the bidding and you can no longer put down your cards. Then each player gets another chance to bid, and it starts all over again. With this variation you may bid twice as high as the starter.

There are 5 rounds of bidding in total, and you will have the chance to see your opponent’s cards.


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