Casino Roulette Guide 2023

This game is one of the biggest favorites online and live. European roulette came into the 1800s in France and has been popular ever since. When the game was banned in France, it was passed on to Monte Carlo, which today is known for its casino, glitter and luxury. In French, the name means “small wheel” which symbolizes the root of the playing field.

The remainder of the table consists of 0-36 in numbers and a lot of other boxes to place their chips on. We will go through part for part below as well as we can to explain rules and how to play roulette. So this game is a regular game of chance where chance decides. You can put up a strategy, calculate probability and statistics if you think it is important when playing this very popular game.

 Play Roulette online

The rules are very simple in this simple and beautiful game. A great favorite that can be found at all casinos both live and online. You can play both inside bets and outsid bets, which is the two different ways to play roulette. Inside bets means that you play on any of the numbers that are on the tables and on which number you think the ball ends up on. Outside bets are played instead on, for example, what color or area on the table the ball ends up.

Inside bets

As we previously wrote, this is about setting specific numbers, which can be done in slightly different ways. First and foremost, you can put the number directly, which is called “straight up” and gives the whole 35 times the money if you win. If you want to bet on half on one number and half on another, it is called a “split bet” and gives 17 times the money. One can also place their chips between four numbers, which are then called “corner bets” and give 8 times the money. So simple are the rules and odds of inside bets and you can of course mix with adding several different varieties on the table with more chips.

Outside bets

Here it is a little different and you invest in larger parts of the table instead. For example, one can bet that it will either be a red or black number which doubles your money. Even high or low numbers double your money. So you bet on 18 numbers at the same time and therefore the dividend is lower when you hit a number but at the same time you risk not as much money. Another game is to bet on first (1-12), second (13-24) and third dozen (25-36) which means that you get 2 times the money if you put a number within the dozen people chosen. If you put 100kr you will get back a total of 300kr along with your played money. The same goes for what is called “column bets” and gives as much money. The difference is really just that there are mixed numbers on the game board but is actually exactly the same game with different numbers.

European Roulette / American Roulette

There are two different variations of this game and it is a European and an American version. The game and the rules themselves are really quite identical. One can find a small difference between them and it is only a double zero on the American variant. The most classic and most common game is European roulette where you have 36 digits + zero. However, American roulette has both zero + a double zero which is just an added advantage for the casino. Therefore, we can recommend playing European roulette for the best odds.


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