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Bingo! The search for special fun with online bingo is over. We have searched all online platforms and collected only the best deals on the internet. Here we explain the difference between bingo rooms and casino bingo. On the other hand, we offer you a free version of bingo to try and then on this page we present the different variants and their game rules.

This online bingo operator belongs to the category of bingo rooms and online casino at the same time. Here you play with others and try as soon as possible to win the prize of the particular game. The winners receive prizes. In these types of bingo rooms, there is live chat so that players form a community and share the fun with others.

In a casino with bingo games, however, the player plays against the computer and does not compete with other players and must be faster in completing the rows in order to win. In this variety there is usually a jackpot that is offered by the casino so it is always particularly rewarding to fill in all the numbers on one card.

Try free Bingo games

If you don’t have any experience with Internet games, you would be able to play free bingo to familiarize yourself with the rules and the course of the game. However, the game is very easy to understand, but it is still really worth trying for free. Here we talk about the most popular variant that gives you the best insight into the real world of online bingo. Free play, whatever it is, lacks the special attraction of real money bingo and the ability to communicate with the other players.

Advantages of playing Bingo online

While only a few bingo tournaments are offered in live rooms, these are very numerous on the Internet. You can participate in them whenever you want – at any time. In addition to being able to win cash prizes, with online bingo you can communicate with other players. In a face-to-face bingo room, participants concentrate on announcing the numbers so as not to lose any. Therefore, silence is kept during the game. In online bingo the numbers are chosen automatically. This makes the game more relaxed and the player has time to talk via chat. Also, you can try the games for free and without paying any entrance fees if you just want to take a look at how the game is going.

Summary of bingo variants and rules

Basically, you buy one or more bingo cards on which the numbers are displayed. The bet is established per card that determines the amount of the win. The more cards you buy, the better your chances of winning. Now the balls with numbers are drawn and the results are marked on the bingo cards. Once the objective of the game is reached, which is when a different number or pattern comes up, you have to click on the bingo button and with this you have already won. The game modes are significantly different, their names correspond to the number or numbers that are included in the game.

Bingo 75 is the 75 ball bingo with a five row, five column card. The center field is generally free or is considered Joker, the others contain numbers. Normally the player whose numbers have been marked first on the card (Full House) wins.

Alternative game variants also include winnings with certain patterns. This can be a triangle, a letter (for example “X”) and so on. The pattern will be announced before the start of the round. This makes extremely diverse winning combinations possible. The degree of difficulty varies so much the more numbers are needed to complete some patterns. Winners are the first to complete these patterns.

Bingo 90 is called the game also known as the European variant. The cardboard has 3 rows and 9 columns. The columns represent 9 decades, that is 1-10, 11-20, etc. until 81-90. Each line contains five numbers, so four fields remain free. This makes dialing the numbers particularly easy, especially if you are playing with many cards at the same time. You only have to check the results in one column. This makes the game particularly suitable for beginners.

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